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Local Re-homing Group

It has been a while since my last post, as my training programs have become quite busy in my local area, but I have not forgotten about my efforts to help dogs find “furever” homes!

Recently, I noticed that there were not many options for people looking to re-home their pets safely and locally in my area. On the flip side, many of my clients had expressed that they did not feel their rescue organizations/foster families gave them adequate information about the dog they were adopting. In an attempt to help families and pets in my immediate area (Northern Virginia) I created a Facebook group dedicated to connecting fosters/owners who were looking for adopters with local families who were looking to adopt a dog ( The group has gotten quite a few new members and is steadily growing. I even got to work with one of the dogs who found his new home through the group last weekend in a training capacity 🙂

I would encourage other canine professionals to offer something similar to their local communities, not only for their personal growth as a business, but to offer advice and alternatives for people who are struggling with their pups. The more dogs we as pet lovers and professionals can keep out of shelters, the more lives we can save. For the most part, groups can run themselves, so it is not too much extra work for busy schedules. For my group I did make it private, and I must approve any posts to the group to insure that breeders and fighters are not scamming members. Approving posts and members only takes a few seconds of your day, and can be done from your smart phone while you are on the go!

Tail Wags!


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